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About Busy Bees Child Care

Welcome to our website! We understand how overwhelming it is searching for a child care that is just right for you and your little one. It is a very important choice and requires a lot of faith and trust into the hands of strangers. We would like to reassure you that after one visit at our family child care home, all of your fears will be washed away. Your child will spend their day with laughs, hugs, snuggles, and experience new things each and everyday.

Family Child Cares are operated in a single family home. We are especially proud of our child care because of our teachers. Unlike most child cares who have one or no qualified teacher, we have two in addition to three child care assistants. The owner and director is a credentialed elementary school teacher. One of our staff members has two associates degree, one of which is in child development from Southwestern College. Our ratio is one teacher to every six children and sometimes smaller than that. Your child will thrive in our small group learning environment. Large facilities can be quite overwhelming for a child's first time away from home. Here, they receive individual attention and support as they grow and develop. 

Our children love our environment. It is evident in our photo gallery. We have it all. And we are constantly changing small areas to keep their interest. You will notice small touches of the Reggio Emilia early childhood approach and Maria Montessori. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enrich the learning experience of our children. They hardly know they are here to learn they are having so much fun! 

We hope that you find our child care is what you have been looking for. It is unique and exceptional for our field. Please visit all our tabs and contact us for a tour. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Ann Canales

Funny Things Kids Say

Funny Things Kids Say

by Mary Ann Canales on 02/20/16

Cute Day Care Kids.
During our greenhouse project with Miss Monique, the following was said:

Ms. Monique: These are the types of flowers we are planting. This one is called a White Cosmo, this one is a Pink Cosmo, and these are called Forget Me Nots. Now can you tell me what flowers these are?
Children: White Cosmo, Pink Cosmo, and Don't Forget Me.

Soo Cute!